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One of the most frequent questions we get from the beginner spearos is: "What is the ideal speargun for reduced visibility?". As an answer to that, we decided to make it...

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Speargun: Track Guide Extruded Rail
Speargun: Muzzle Type Semi-Closed
General: Sport Spearfishing
General: Best suited for Spearfishing
Wishbone: Type Bridle Caps
Bands: Outer Diameter 18.00 mm
Bands: Internal Diameter 3.2 mm (Standard)
Shaft: Diameter 6.25 mm
Shaft: Floppers Top Flopper (Tahitian)
Shaft: Fins Smooth Notches
Shaft: Roller Fin Yes
Shaft: Hardness Sandvik
Speargun: Type Bands
Speargun: Tube Material Aluminum
Speargun: Bands Number 1 pair
Speargun: Profile Round
Speargun: Tube Diameter 28 mm
Speargun: Trigger Reversed
Speargun: Loading Butt Yes

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The speargun that does not lie... 

One of the most frequent questions we get from the beginner spearos is: "What is the ideal speargun for reduced visibility?". As an answer to that, we decided to make it: easy to handle, deadly sharp and very durable - this is PINOCCHIO!

Update: In response to the feedback we received from you, Pinocchio is now offered with a higher class hardened Sandvik shaft with two smooth notches for Dyneema wishbones.


  • LENGTHS: 75 and 82 cm;
    • 75 cm: 81 cm;
    • 82 cm: 88 cm;
  • BODY: Aluminium 28.5 mm tube with extruded full shaft guide;
  • HANDLE: Optimal grip thickness and angle with reel attachment at the trigger guard;  
  • TRIGGER: Full stainless-steel mechanism, reversed MVD with reversible line release;
  • MUZZLE: Minimalistic stainless steel semi-closed bridged muzzle threaded for pair of bands;
  • SHAFT: 110 cm/115 cm 6.25 mm hardened Sandvik Tahitian shaft with smooth dyneema notches;
  • BANDS: 22/24 cm. 18 mm. pair of Primeline bands with dyneema wishbone with caps 
  • LINE: 1.4 mm five lengths transparent mono and loop bungee.


The main low vis speargun cannot be long. During the active summer season, the sea water is often murky. The visibility close to shore rarely exceeds 4 m and, in the shallows, can be less than 2 meters. The long speargun is obviously unsuitable for any hunting except at the clear deep reefs.

The gold standard for length for many years was 90 cm, but unfortunately this mantra is rather obsolete. The plankton blooms during the past 20 years has become so intensive, that even a 90 cm. gun becomes too long. That is why we made Pinocchio in two basic lengths 75 cm or 82 cm. It is proven that these are now the most comfortable lengths for ambush reef hunting in low visibility with the 75 cm being preferable for the minimum visibility you will face in the shallows during the summer months. This length not only guarantees successful hunting of your regular ambush species but is also suitable for hunting in the holes. Furthermore, the construction of the temporary spearguns allows you to squeeze more power from a shorter body and longer shots with standard gun is now possible. If you choose the 82 cm version, you will successfully cover the also the months with clearer water.


When shooting in low visibility you need two things – fast reaction and manoeuvrability. Most shots will be practically “from the hip” because you will not have enough time for careful aiming. With short guns, the manoeuvrability depends mostly on the length and not the body shape, which makes rather unnecessary the bigger investment in rhomboid or “cuttlefish bone” tube cross-shape. Pinocchio’s tube is cylindrical, manufactured from aluminium 6063 with diameter 28.5 mm and has extruded full length shaft. The wall thickness is 1.2 mm. The full shaft guide guarantees the stability of the body and eliminates entirely the possibility of reduced sharpness of low power shots from first notch.  

The tube was painted with scratch resistant ceramic dye and is made watertight with rubber plugs, additionally sealed with waterproof adhesive. This guarantees that Pinocchio will neve “drink” any water and when necessary, you will be able to easily replace the body components.


Do not be surprised by our choice of muzzle for Pinocchio!  It was not a random one.

Frankly, the only plus of the open muzzle, namely the “clear aiming line” is a result of the marketing efforts of the manufacturers. It allowed them to offer something new and at the same time – to reduce the manufacturing price of the speargun as it requires less complex detail and less material. The open muzzle does allow unobstructed aiming along the full length of the shaft, but unfortunately almost all designs bring three main disadvantages – slower preparation of the speargun, worse positioning of the bands, increased recoil.  

These are the first three reasons why we decided to choose a semi-closed bridged muzzle and pair of bands. Nothing can beat the sharpness of the pair of bands leading the shaft directly forward. With this muzzle you will stop wondering how to compensate for the reduced sharpness. You will not need to change the position of the shaft flopper or look for the “sweet spot” of the bands thickness/length ratio to stop the shaft going high or low. With Pinocchio we have sharp and fast instinctive shots with the shaft going exactly where your arm points.

We were wondering whether to pick a plastic muzzle but after testing – the stainless steel one was the preferable choice. We know that you are not used to see such muzzles and we agree that it makes the front end of the gun a bit heavier.  With this muzzle however Pinocchio manages to tackle the recoil of heavier bands on a shorter gun and this increases its sharpness significantly. It doesn’t matter if you prefer shark finned or notched shafts – the bridge closing the muzzle is tall enough to allow unobstructed passage of any shaft with the exception of the tall shark fin ones. And no, the lack of “clear aiming line” was never a problem during the tests.

Finally, the increased average number of shots in the shallows makes the preparation of the speargun between the dives one of the most annoying things. It steals from the total diving time, disrupts the surface resting and the breathing cycle. With Pinocchio’s semi-closed muzzle you won’t have such problems – you just put the shaft in, attach the line to the release and load.


Pair of 18mm Primelines and straight shot at 3.5 meters. That is all you need. Let us be honest with ourselves - a long shot at 5+ meters in most shore environments is needed once in every 100 cases. If you need it more often, it means you need to improve your ambush. So, a constant struggle with heavy an cumbersome speargun is not worth it. If despite that you want to tie your own bands, you can always do it using threaded convertors (sold separately), but honestly – we do not see much point in that.

We ensured the advantage of using a smooth notch shaft and we offer Pinocchio with a dyneema wishbone with plastic caps to keep your fingers from harm. When the dyneema is to be replaced you can do it just as easy as with any tied bands speargun.

The shaft is 6.25 mm hardened Sandvik. Pinochio is a strong speargun with a thin fast shaft and your feedback shoed us that a soft shaft that can be straightened in the water has also its disadvantages. So we went for a hard one.


The reason why we had to wait for nearly 15 years to assemble our own branded gun was the handle. We were failing to find a robust comfortable handle that will ensure both steady grip and proper aiming angle for those instinctive shots we must make. MVD gave us this new handle and the idea of Pinochio immediately became reality. It fits extremely comfortable in even larger hands while its weight is reduced by taking out material in non-stress points. Furthermore, it has a lateral opening to serve as a main band invert roller anchor point if you ever decide to use it in such setup. 

The main material of the handle is UV resistant Zytel® by DuPont™, which guarantees that it will not burn and become fragile over time – a common problem for many lower end spearguns. The grip itself is made of NYLABOND™ by DuPont™ and if you wonder – the openings at the back sides are for reducing its weight. We chose the green grip colour for Pinocchio which we consider the best for reef fishing.  

The loading butt of Pinocchio is comfortable and wide – a commonly underestimated feature, when you need to load as frequently as in the Black sea. Despite its size, the loading butt does not compromise the aiming in any way.

Pinocchio’s handle comes with the proven MVD reverse trigger allowing total load of up to 345 kilograms. It is made entirely of stainless steel and offers lateral line release reversible for use with left or right hand.


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Spearfish Pinocchio Closed

Spearfish Pinocchio Closed

One of the most frequent questions we get from the beginner spearos is: "What is the ideal speargun for reduced visibility?". As an answer to that, we decided to make it...