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TUSA RS-790 Cold Water Ready Regulator

RS-790 DIN

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TUSA RS-790 Cold Water Ready Diving Regulator

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The RS-790 delivers performance, durability and comfort making it the ideal choice for discerning divers.

The R-700 DIN (300bar/4350psi) is a balanced diaphragm first stage designed for cold-water use, it features a dry ambient pressure chamber that prevents water contact with the diaphragm maximizing performance in temperate water conditions below 50°F/10°C.  Additionally, the R-700 has an external rib section that nearly doubles the surface area for thermal exchange further reducing ice formaton that can lead to freeze up in extreme conditions.  The R-700 has two high pressure ports and four low pressure ports including two high flow (HF) that deliver up to a 15% increase in air flow.  It is available in both INT (yoke) and DIN versions.

The S-90 second stage is a compact pneumatically balanced system that features a composite housing which insulates and protects under extreme cold-water conditions.  The S-90 is equipped with a built-in venturi adjustment lever allowing the diver to select a surface or minimum setting reducing possible free flow or a dive setting for maximum air flow during the dive.


First stage (R-700)

  • Balanced diaphragm first stage with anti-freeze system
  • Dry ambient pressure chamber ideal for temperatures below 50°F/10°C
  • Ribbed section to increase heat transfer and resist freezing
  • Two H.P. ports and Four L.P. (2 standard/2 high flow) ports
  • High flow L.P. ports offer up to 15% increase in air flow
  • INT version available as RS-790 INT by special request

Second stage (S-90)

  • Lightweight, compact composite case design
  • Pneumatically balanced system
  • Venturi adjustment lever
  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece



Advanced Flow System

The advanced flow system allows ease of air flow and makes air delivery smoother due to the curved housing structure.


Cold Water Ready

The cold water ready feature enables the diver to use the regulator in water temperatures below 50°F/10°C.


Environmentally Sealed 1st Stage

The use of a secondary diaphragm and piston sealing the 1st stage preventing contamination or freezing when the regulator is submersed in contaminated or freezing water.


Ortho-conscious Mouth Piece

The ortho-conscious mouth piece feature prevents jaw fatigue. The ridges and flexible material allow the diver to have more control of the mouth piece and reduces tension in the jaw.


Pneumatically Balanced 2nd Stage

A balance chamber added to the regulator 2nd stage, providing equal pressure to both sides of the LP seat greatly reducing inhalation effort.



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TUSA RS-790 Cold Water Ready Regulator

TUSA RS-790 Cold Water Ready Regulator

TUSA RS-790 Cold Water Ready Diving Regulator