This page aims to clarify the privacy and personal data protection policies of DiverStore at the domain. This page does not represent the personal data protection policy of third parties partnering with DiverStore. The clients of our store are encouraged to review the personal data protection policies of the Internet sites maintained by our subcontractors or suppliers.

Should you have any additional questions with regards to this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone +359898626818.

We would like to once again welcome you to our online diving equipment store. Aiming to assist you in building confidence and security when browsing our website, Diverstore took several measures for safeguarding your personal data, required for you to make a purchase. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your comfort while shopping. 

DiverStore's policy for personal data protection will inform you about the following:

  • What personal information is collected by this Internet website?
  • How the collected information is being used?
  • Who do we share your information with?
  • How can you gain access for changing or deleting your personal data?
  • What information will be disclosed if required by law?
  • What are the cookies and how we use them?
  • What security measures we have introduced in order to prevent the loss, unlawful use or alteration of the information we administer?


What kind of personal data is collected by this website?

When you are visiting Diverstore, you do so aiming to obtain information about the products and services offered by us and to eventually make a purchase. For the purpose of the simple products observation Diverstore does not collect personal data as defined by the Bulgarian Personal data protection act (PDPA). The purchase of goods or services however presumes a conclusion of a contract between you and Spearfish Ltd. as an operator of this online store. It is a remote sale contract as defined by the Bulgarian Customers protection act (PPA). The performing this contract and the necessary customer registration, inevitably requires a set of personal data to be collected. As an example, these are the names of the customer, its tax address, the delivery address and all legally required data for issuing an invoice. In addition DiverStore may require you to provide data facilitating the performance of the contract such as e-mail address, fax or phone number. Our web servers record a set of technical data for your visit as well - the IP address, the pages you have visited, etc. Even though such technical data is not considered personal by the PDPA, we consider it important for you to be fully informed.

How the collected information is being used?

The information collected by us is used solely for the purpose of providing you with the purchased goods and services, or the goods and services you might be interested in. The analysis of this data provides for the improvement of the content and the services offered by Diverstore or for informing you about problems with carrying out your orders and changes of our Interent pages.

Who do we share with the collected information?

For carrying out the activities such web sites do and to make possible the shipment of the purchased goods or services, it is inevitably necessary to share some of the provided data with third parties. These could be service carriers for developing your orders, like carriers or importers (when the goods are shipped by the importer to the end customer directly), third parties carrying the financial and accounting servicing of the orders and the related documentation, as well as to third parties carrying out the technical maintenance of the DiverStore servers and stations. Should as a client you have provided such consent, the your data could be used for carrying out our surveys, provision of catalogs, newsletters or electronic mail, which will assist you in the selection of the goods and services, as well as for participation in contests, etc. Whenever possible our contracts with third parties specifically provide for the latter to refrain from disclosing the personal data provided with the exception of the cases when it is necessary for the performance of the contract. Some of these third parties may have their own personal protection policies providing additional protection. Should you are presented with such policies, we kindly encourage you to read them. 

How to gain access, change or delete the supplied personal data?

If you are a registered DiverStore customer, you are in position to administrate the majority of data required by you during the registration process. However, for security purposes some elements of your registration data cannot be altered online and you should contact us in order for us to verify your identity before making any changes. The registration form will allow you to control how you e-mail address is used, providing you with an option to decline receipt of messages different than the ones strictly necessary for the delivery of your purchase.

Unfortunately, due to a number of legal requirements we are obliged to maintain a register and archive of your purchases and other activities on our websites. Despite that, you can always use your rights as provided by the PDPA.

What information will be disclosed if required by law?

Should a legally required we would be forced to provide the legally entitled representatives of enforcement agencies or other government institutions with part of or the entire information stored about you. The information will be disclosed following a  provision of a court order or other document as described by the law, issued by a competent authority. In all such cases we would require for written documents to be provided, as well as proof of identity of the person representing the respective authority, and we will take the appropriate measures to verify the legality of the order.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

The "cookie" is a text block contained within an electronic file, automatically stored by the website on the hard drive of the user's computer or other device. Such cookies cannot provide information (such as name and address), allowing the identification of a particular user, except if the data contained in the cookie is not linked to similar information contained per example in the online registration. DiverStore uses cookies to monitor the navigation of the customers on our website. This allows us to identify ways to improve our services.

DiverStore uses also the so called "session cookies", which are an identification tool used between your prefered browser and our server, facilitating tasks such as remembering the contents of your electronic shopping cart, etc. This cookie is recorder for a certain period in cases the customer session period expires or the customer returns to complete the purchase within this session period.



What security procedures are employed for prevention of loss, unlawful use or alteration of the information administered by us?

DiverStore highly values your security and does everything possible to make the ordering and delivery processes as secure as possible!

Secured delivery process

Any information about a credit card you may want to provide to our website is encrypted by applying the industry standard  SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. DiverStore uses SSL to communicate with protected browsers such as Internet Explorer. These browsers encrypt your personal data and credit card information, which will make it extremely difficult for anyone to eavesdrop the communication between your computer and our server and to use this information for ill purposes. Do not worry whether your browser is protected - if it is not you would not be able to make a purchase.

After you have completed your online purchase we take adequate measures for the protection of the security of the information stored at our servers. The majority of the systems that physically store your information are not connected to the Internet, which reduces the risk for security breach. Our systems are stored at adequately protected location and the access of our employees to your data is also secured and password protected.

Should you still do not feel secure enough, you can always order by phone, e-mail or other way.


DiverStore does not intentionally collect personal data for minors without the express permission of their parents or legal guardians. If you are under 18 years of age, you are welcome to browse and view our pages, but you are not allowed to use any of the functionalities, which require you to provide personal data. Should we are informed about or discover that we have stored such information by mistake, we immediately delete it.