Rob Allen Snapper Railgun

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This is the latest Rob Allen Snapper Railgun

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Speargun: Tube Diameter 30 mm
Shaft: Hardness Hard
Speargun: Type Bands
Speargun: Loading Butt Yes
Bands: Internal Diameter Standard
Speargun: Profile Round
Shaft: Diameter 6.30 mm
Speargun: Trigger Straight
Shaft: Floppers Top Flopper (Tahitian)
Speargun: Tube Material Aluminum
Speargun: Bands Number 2 circular
Wishbone: Type Bridle Inserts
Speargun: Muzzle Type Open Circular
Bands: Outer Diameter 14 mm
Speargun: Track Guide Extruded Rail
Shaft: Fins Mini Pins

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The Rob Allen Snapper Railgun is the true reef spearfishing working horse.

This speargun features the same uncompromised quality all Rob Allen railguns are famous for. The thick barrel and the superb Vecta 2 handle make Rob Allen spearguns probably the toughest stock spearguns you'll find on the market today. 

This particular Snapper Railgun is not the usual une you'd see though. At Spearfish! we walked the extra mile and 'pimped' the setup of the Snapper to make it the perfect reef hunting speargun for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea:

  • Vecta 2 handle with an integrated loading butt for easier loading;
  • Handle, barrel stickers and bungee in green for better reef camouflage;
  • 6.6 mm double notched shaft with bottom barb for long shots drop compensation.
  • Rob Allen Snapper is fitted with double 14 mm Primeline Rob Allen Powerbands in green color for better camo;
  • Bands fitted with the signature Rob Allen Dyneema Wishbones;
  • Rob Allen Snap Clip with swivel on the line and stainless steel line release;
  • Rob Allen open muzzle for perfect aiming line.

These features make the the Rob Allen Snapper not only a perfect gun for reef hunting, but also an extremely handsome weapon. 


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Rob Allen Snapper Railgun

Rob Allen Snapper Railgun

This is the latest Rob Allen Snapper Railgun